Common Questions

Q: Does Beauty Butler work with my brands of makeup?
A: Yes, Beauty Butler keeps most brands of makeup together and organized on an easy to use makeup palette.

Q: Does Beauty Butler really protect my makeup?
A: Definitely!  It not only protects it, your makeup will stay cleaner because it no longer tumbles around loose in drawers, or makeup bags.

Q: How does Beauty Butler help keep me from leaving makeup behind?
A: You memorize your makeup configuration on Beauty Butler. You immediately see if anything is missing. when you throw the Beauty Butler into your purse for a trip across town, or suitcase for a trip around the world. The Peace of Mind knowing that you have all your makeup is priceless, imagine never forgetting your favorite lipstick at home on the bathroom counter when you need it most.

Q: Can I carry Beauty Butler loose in a purse, bag or backpack?
A: YES! Makeup stays attached to the tray when carried in a purse or bag. Just reach into your purse, grab your Beauty Butler and find all your makeup quickly.

Q: Is Beauty Butler a makeup bag or cosmetic case?
A: Beauty Butler a new technology that keeps your makeup together like a makeup case, but is more portable than a makeup bag that makes it easier to use makeup. It is best described by watching this video: What is Beauty Butler, how does it work?

Q: Do I need to use a makeup bag when using Beauty Butler?
A: You can if you want, but it is not necessary. Makeup stays on the tray and can be carried loose in a purse, backpack or luggage.

Q: How easy is it to put my makeup on the Beauty Butler?
A: The amount of time it takes to put your items onto the Beauty Butler is only a few minutes. The benefit of putting together your Beauty Butler is the opportunity to clean and organize your makeup for the last time (this might take a little bit longer and tends to be fun). Once this is done, your makeup routine will be changed forever.

Q: Will Beauty Butler work with any shaped container?
A: Beauty Butler works with almost any shaped container, including: compacts, lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes, mascara’s and many more. This is a feature that no other makeup palette can claim. Note: there are some cosmetics that have a dimple or recessed bottom of the jar. This problem is easily solved by placed some 2-sided foam tape in the recess to fill the gap. This tape can be purchased at any office supply or hardware store.

Q: Will my compacts and blushes be easy to add and remove from Beauty Butler?
A: Yes, but these items work well without removing them from your Beauty Butler, enjoy the convenience of using Beauty Butler as a palette for these items. Of course your lip gloss and mascara can be added and removed from Beauty Butler with ease.

Q: How do I clean Beauty Butler?
A: Simply wipe down the Beauty Butler with a damp cloth to remove any makeup residue.

Q: Is there a cover to protect makeup?
A: There are options to purchase Beauty Butler Diva trays with or without a cover. A cover is not necessary but is a nice addition for carrying products loose in a purse or luggage, or to add additional protection to your valuable cosmetics. When using Beauty Butler with or without a cover, makeup remains stationary once placed on the tray. This provides a level of protection for your valuable cosmetics that traditional bags and cases cannot offer while allowing you to have your makeup ready to use right away.

Q: How hard is to remove and replace makeup onto the Beauty Butler?
A: The strength of the Hook and Loop system is strong enough to keep your makeup organized, but gentle enough for you to easily remove makeup at any time. Replacing makeup onto the tray is as simple as placing it onto the tray, and it will stay! TIP: You don’t need to remove compacts and blushes from the tray. It is easy to use them while attached to Beauty Butler.

Q: How much time will I save?
A: This varies by user and is difficult to calculate. Feedback from users lets us know it ranges from 1 minute to 5 minutes. If you wear makeup every day, this is 6-30 hours every year!

Q: How does makeup stay on the Beauty Butler Tray?
A: Beauty Butler™ uses our Patent Pending system. We use hook and loop fasteners (first commercially distributed by Velcro).  A user simply attaches a supplied Grab Tab to any item so it can be added and removed from the tray.

Q: I don’t want to put a Grab Tab on my new makeup.
A: Thinking the Grab Tab will hinder makeup use or look bad can be a concern, but ends up not being an issue. The only time you see the Grab Tab is when you’re using the makeup. It is a better alternative to the dirty, unorganized mess found in most makeup collections. The Grab Tab is like an insurance policy. where it helps keep cosmetics organized onto the tray. This keeps makeup from tumbling around and breaking, or worse yet getting left behind when you need it most.

Q: Can I remove a the Beauty Butler Grab Tab from my makeup?
A: Yes, but you will not be able to re-use the Grab Tab. Any adhesive that remains can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

Q: Can I reuse stickers?
A: No, but you receive plenty of extra Grab Tabs to use with new makeup.

Q: Why should I cut Grab Tabs for different size makeup and brushes?
A: The obvious answer is to use fewer Grab Tabs, but it is important to cut Grab Tabs into narrow strips for pencils and narrow brushes, otherwise they will peel away from these narrow items.

Q: What if I run out of Grab Tabs for my makeup?
A: Beauty Butler is compatible with Velcro brand products you can purchase at many stores, or you can purchase Grab Tabs from Beauty Butler store.

Q: How many Grab Tabs come with each Beauty Butler
A: The number of Grab Tabs varies depending on the quantity and size of your order. It is listed in each item number.

Q: Does Beauty Butler have the only Velcro Makeup Organizer?
A: No, Velcro is a brand of Hook and Loop. Many people think that hook and loop fasteners are called Velcro, and this can be confusing. We are the only commercially available “Hook and Loop” makeup storage system that keeps makeup organized on portable palettes.