Awkward Situation Inspires Solution to Problems All Makeup Users HATE!

Danielle with Jenny McCarthy

Danielle with Jenny McCarthy

Beauty Butler didn’t start out as a way to avoid the embarrassment of being late, or as a way to avoid that feeling of wanting pull your hair out because everything seems to be falling apart when in a rush to get ready. Read on to learn how an awkward situation with Jenny McCarthy motivated Beauty Butler creator and founder, Danielle Smith to create a product that helps every makeup user avoid these situations.

Before Beauty Butler™, Danielle wanted a better way to keep her work tools together. As a healthcare professional, she carried tools in a canvas bag to various parts of the hospital. While the bag was perfect to carry and hold her supplies, it was always a mess!

To solve this problem, she used a little ingenuity and some materials from work to create trays that kept items organized onto portable palettes. It worked, she was able to focus more on her patients instead of digging through her messy bag and she no longer left tools behind when packing to see her next patient.

Danielle Puts Her Makeup on using the Beauty Butler Makeup Organizer Tray.

Danielle puts her makeup on using the Beauty Butler makeup organizer.

Around the same time Danielle attended a “Start Studded” Kentucky Derby Gala. She was running late so she threw her cosmetics into her purse and rushed out the door. While putting her makeup on in the car she realized she didn’t have her mascara. There was no time to stop and get more, so she went to the party without wearing it. She didn’t feel “All Put Together.”

At the party, Danielle met Jenny McCarthy. This was a special moment because Jenny is a celebrity Danielle admires, and her son wore the same type of Orthoses that Danielle makes. She remembers this night very well, as it was an awkward moment when Danielle found herself, sans mascara, in a photo op with the beautiful, smokey eyed, Jenny McCarthy and her perfectly done makeup.

Not long after this party Danielle realized the tool trays that helped so much at work would work for her makeup too. Danielle quickly began brainstorming ideas for a  design that would work perfectly to keep her cosmetics together. After just a few minor adjustments to the original product, Beauty Butler™ became a reality.

Danielle neatly arranged her makeup onto the trays to create custom, portable, makeup palettes. Just like the tool holder from work, her makeup was stored on portable trays where cosmetics stayed organized and ready to use. Everything was visible, including her lipsticks, eyelash curler, compacts and most importantly her mascara!

Same Makeup, Different Experience with Beauty Butler Makeup Organizer

Same Makeup, Different Experience with Beauty Butler Makeup Organizer

As she used the Beauty Butler for makeup storage and to keep her makeup organized, she noticed her cosmetics were not getting damaged from tumbling around, the tops would stay on and her makeup stayed clean. She used more eye shadow colors because she could see them. The blushes and compacts were easier to use with the Beauty Butler. This helped when getting ready in the car, hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins. Best of all, she no longer left makeup behind, and always looked her best. Her beauty routine was revolutionized.

While traveling around the world with her original Beauty Butler trays, people would often ask where she purchased her makeup organizer. After letting them know she made it, they would ask “When are you going to make one for me?” After getting this reaction, she thought, maybe I should make them for everyone else so they can revolutionize their beauty routine too.

Danielle is thankful for the awkward evening with Jenny McCarthy, otherwise she might have never discovered the life changing Beauty Butler™.  She filed for patents and started her business to help makeup users enjoy the experience of having her own Butler, a Beauty Butler.

Beauty Butler is not just about keeping makeup together in an organized fashion, it is about helping each makeup user Feel Good, Look Great and Be Happy every time she uses makeup. Click here to watch Danielle demonstrate Beauty Butler for you.

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