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Beauty Butler review in Ask Away…

Beauty Butler Review & *Giveaway* Ends 8/12

If you haven’t heard of Beauty Butler yet, you are missing out! This is a stylish and fun way to store your makeup! You apply little velcro stickers to your cleaned makeup containers, attach them to the velcro board, and you are ready to use your makeup or pack it up! It’s great for on the go travel! No need to root around frantically, because when you pull out the Beauty Butler Velcro Tray, all of your necessary cosmetics are there.

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Beauty Butler review in Tiffany Reviews it All

Beauty Butler Review & Christmas Holiday Guide

About Them: Helping every makeup user discover the benefits of ready to use, organized cosmetics is our mission. Beauty Butler stores cosmetics like a makeup case, is more portable than a makeup bag, and keeps all brands, types and shapes of makeup organized, protected and ready to use on makeup palettes. Store Beauty Butlers in drawers, handbags and luggage and you have a portable makeup station that is ready to use anywhere! Now, you can be pampered with beautiful, clean, organized makeup everywhere you want to use makeup.

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Beauty Butler review in Wicked Chaos

Beauty Butler Saves the Day!!! (Pix Heavy)

Have you seen the Beauty Butler? When I saw it I had to have one. This thing is awesome!
My Makeup , while not as much as it used to be is still a lot. I’ve paired down with the last move and then again when I organized it recently. And too me this is still a lot, because last time I checked I only had one face.. lol
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Beauty Butler Review from Penny Starr, Jr. – LA’s Burl-expert


These are pictures of what the Beauty Butler can do for you!

This—this!—is the way my make-up bag looked.   Crammed and filthy.  Just so you can get a better idea, I dumped it all out.  (Yes, most make-up bags are part Tardis!)

The Beauty Butler© is two parts:  an organizer board and sticky velcro dots that you apply to your make-up, brushes, etc.  And they certainly give you plenty of dots!  I have quite a few left over so when I use up a product like my foundation, I won’t have to worry about buying more sticky dots.

I have to say that I got super excited to see my brushes organized, rather falling out of the brush roll I had been using.

And I tried to organize the boards into brushes, staples that I always have in my bag (foundation, lipsticks, glitters, black shadow for liner, container that holds pastie tape and eyelash glue, etc.) and one of just eye shadows.  Normally, I only bring the eye shadow colors I use for a gig (I don’t feel the need to bring it all with me).  There were certain things I kept off the boards, simply because I always keep my pliers in the back pocket, etc.  And when as a dancer you need something like pliers, you probably are already in a panic situation, so I decided to go with the muscle memory of what I keep in my bag and where.

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Beauty Butler Featured in NBC 6 and Electric Blogerella


Wondering what to get your nephew, the guy from the mailroom, your bestie? Here are a few gift ideas from my segment on NBC’s 6 in the Mix that won’t break the bank.

For the Glamour Girl:

Beauty Butler, $7 at Amazing because it holds all your beauty products in place. No more hunting and pecking. Use the code 6 in the Mix for free shipping.

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Beauty Butler Feature in

Beauty Butler was recently featured in the very popular site, Modern Mom! Take a look at the review:

If you took a peek in my make-up drawer, I have a good feeling your jaw would drop. Not out of shock from the mess, but from the unbelievable organization!

The Beauty Butler is all you need to get that messy cosmetic drawer under control.

This amazing makeup organizer keeps all of your beauty must-haves in one place.

Simply apply the included Stick-A-Lot-Dot to the backs of your concealer, eye shadows and other items.

Then stick the item to the Beauty Butler Tray! Slip the tray in your make-up bag or in your makeup drawer.

Instant organization. Love!


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Beauty Butler Review in A Lucky Ladybug

The Beauty Butler Makeup Organizer Review and Giveaway

This review has actually been very interesting for me, not because of the product though because of the small world we live in.  As I usually do I pay attention to the products my friends talk about or use.  I noticed a long time but pretty much long lost friend talking about a product called the Beauty Butler on Facebook.  After researching it a bit myself I knew I had to check it out!

“The Beauty Butler™ is a patent pending makeup manager designed to help anyone that uses makeup.”  It can organize most cosmetics of various shapes and sizes in seconds.  Created by Danielle Smith who was sick of digging through her purse and makeup bag, she is now “making the world a better place one makeup bag at a time”.

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