5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong

It is important to guard against our hair becoming brittle and thin. Using harsh chemicals and heat on our hair every day may attribute to damage, leaving our ‘do looking dull and lifeless. There are steps we can take to promote healthy hair growth.

Learn how to keep the shine in your gorgeous locks by using the following tips to help your hair stay healthy and strong!

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Promote Healthy Skin From The Inside, Out

Spring is on its way and now is the time to be prepping our skin for shorts and tank tops season. Maintaining healthy skin is a job better done from the inside, out. Our experts have shared with us their tips regarding the importance of using a healthy diet to promote good skin health. Learn how to use your diet to give your skin a healthy glow.

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Avoid Gimmicks When Purchasing Skin Care Products

When choosing products to use on your sensitive skin, it has been suggested to read the labels carefully to learn if it’s safe for your skin. But, what if you can’t trust the label?

General terms like, “safe for sensitive skin” and “doctor recommended” may be more of an advertising campaign than an actual safety claim. Learn how to avoid advertising gimmicks and find the products that are safe for your sensitive skin.

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Smokey Eye To The Office?

When applying your eye makeup for the work day, try taking a more subtle approach to the same beautiful smokey eye look that turns so many heads during your nights out on the town! Just because it is a dramatic look doesn’t mean it cannot be applied in a more work appropriate manor. Try using the following eye makeup tip from fashion and beauty writer, Kimberly Sterling. She gives us some great advice about how to achieve gorgeous day-time eyes!

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Smooth and Beautiful Hands Using Jojoba Oil

Keeping your hands healthy and youthful can be as simple as applying the right moisturizer to your skin.  There are many moisturizers on the market that claim to heal cracked, dry skin and end up worsening your symptoms.  Consuming enough water is the first step towards warding off dry skin.  Another useful tip is adding oils to your daily regimen.

Learn how oils treat your dry skin for natural results that will keep your hands looking and feeling smooth as silk.

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