Beauties Always Know Their Best Self

Knowing your best self and striving to be that person is the best way exude confidence and sex appeal.  Being sexy and feeling desirable doesn’t have to come with stigmas attached.  It is as simple as being the best you.

All women have a little “romantic female” inside. We have a desire to be appreciated as feminine, seen as desirable and youthful! Knowing your best colors and clothing personality will aide you in dressing your best self.  Following are 7 simple tips that will help take the already beautiful you to the next level:

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Every Step Counts in Your Oily Skin Care Routine

It is often hard to tell if moisturizing is the right thing to do for our oily skin issues. However, just like it is important to find a balance in our organization, it is important to find a proper balance to our skin. Moisturizing oily skin is a must!

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Best Tips for Silky Smooth Foundation

Keeping your makeup organized and clean is the first step toward a smooth foundation application.

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How to Achieve a Smooth Foundation Application

Caked or cracked foundation is definitely an application fo paux we want to avoid.  Covering up tired, puffy eyes or the little lines that give away our age can be a challenge, but adding more concealer or foundation to our skin isn’t always the answer. Continue reading →

Winter Worthy Skin

The combination of dry air and holiday stress can prove to be a nightmare for your skin. By taking a few precautionary steps, it is possible to avoid the dry, cracked skin all together!

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