Traveling with Makeup

Finally, Organized Makeup in the Car!

In this video, I point out how Beauty Butler keeps your makeup organized in the car and really makes it a lot easier to get ready anywhere.

When your makeup is organized and easier to use, it’s a lot more fun getting ready. Even when on the road. I promise!

All the best,
Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:                                     

00:24 Disclaimer don’t use makeup while driving, even when organized on Beauty Butler
00:34 Struggles of using a makeup bag in the car
01:08 Showing multiple Beauty Butler Makeup Organizers in the car
1:25 Demonstrate how to use makeup in the car right from Beauty Butler
1:40 How I avoid accidently forgetting makeup in the car.

Video Transcription:

Don’t just use your makeup in the car [makeup rattling as she digs through bag]

Beauty Butler your makeup in the car

Get ready anywhere, easier.

Hi, today I’m going to talk about having organized makeup in the car. Yes! Your makeup can be organized in the car!

Remember! It’s never safe to put makeup on when you’re driving.

So, I do not miss the days of having a makeup bag in the car, I’m always late, I’m always getting ready last minute so I’m always getting ready on the go and with my makeup bag I used to have to dig through it I used to try to set my makeup out on my lap in the center console, on the arm rest and there just no good space for me to lay my makeup out.

If my husband had to stop fast all of a sudden my makeups all over the car, rolling under the seat. I don’t have that anymore with Beauty Butler.

Beauty Butler is an organizer so it keeps your makeup organized wherever you are.

Of course I have my little Beauty Butler tray and binder here. When I’m getting ready in the car, I’ll use my compact mirror, you can see it works really well, I use my eyeshadows, lipsticks.

I’m not looking for a surface to lay my makeup out and get ready because: Guess What? Beauty Butler is a surface to get ready off of.

And the cool part is [hear makeup coming from tray] if I’m touching up my hairspray and I do set it down into the center console, before I throw this back into my purse, I can tell that something is missing so it encourages me not to leave items behind.

Because I’ll just put them back where they go.

So if you love the idea of having organized makeup in the car that’s easy, easier to use that also encourages you to never leave anything behind, remember my invention: Beauty Butler.

The next time you’re digging through makeup, think of Beauty Butler.

Touch-up & Travel Makeup Organized for Easy Access

In this video I talk about how my daily use travel and touch up cosmetics stay organized using Beauty Butler. I am a full time traveler, so I use many travel size items.

There are 2 Beauty Butler makeup organizers shown in the video. The small one is the Flirt, the larger is the Diva. The cover you see is only sold with the Diva.

I have a lot more makeup that I show in other videos. I store my less frequently used makeup in a vintage makeup case on Diva and Flirt makeup organizers which you will see in other posts.

Note: I silk screened butterflies on the Beauty Butler Traveler/Binder cover. Beauty Butlers are not available with this pattern, but you can customize yours too, it’s a lot of fun!

You can learn more by clicking here:

All the best,

Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:

00:17 The last time I had to dig for through a makeup bag (before I had organized cosmetics)
00:36 Showing “Flirt” size makeup organizer (4” x 6”)
01:10 Removing lip gloss from the tray
1:20 Demonstrate how securely makeup stays on Beauty Butler, even loose in a purse
1:38 Showing Beauty Butler Binder (cover for Diva size makeup organizer).
2:57 Sephora Brush set connected to Beauty Butler Binder

Video Transcription:

Hi, Danielle here. Thanks for tuning in today. Today I’m going to talk about my invention, Beauty Butler.

Let me just tell you what a lifesaver, life changing thing it has been for me. I can’t tell you the last time I had to dig through a makeup bag, had to deal with losing makeup, or leaving makeup behind.

The Beauty Butler makeup organizer is a system that just makes it easy to take care of your makeup.

Right here I have a Flirt size tray. I love the Flirt size tray because this holds my daily makeup.

And I’m really, during the week, I’m a very simple makeup user. I’m a powder, foundation, a lip gloss, a lip liner. I have my mascara and an eyebrow pencil if I feel like I want a little bit more zing to my makeup routine.

This is my basic and it’s really, really cool because I can use my makeup just right from the tray. When I’m going to put some foundation on, I just open it up right from the makeup organizer, I use it, I close it.

I can grab my little lippy and put my lip gloss on. It holds everything very securely and it stays organized.

The cool part about it is when I’m ready to head out the door, I just throw it in my bag and I never have to dig for it. I just grab it and go.

The other thing I wanted to show you guys today is my Beauty Butler in binder. I love this for travel makeup. I travel full time, and although I don’t wear a lot of makeup during the week, when I am trying to get a little more dressed up for the weekend, I prefer wearing a little heavier makeup.

On my little travel makeup organizer, one thing that’s key is that I use a lot of travel-size cosmetics, and that’s so it all fits very easily, very compactly.

I have this great makeup palette by Too Faced. All sorts of colors. I can do really sexy cat eyes, smoky eye. It’s a great little palette.

I also have an eyeliner. I have two different shades of lipstick. I have a lip pencil. I even have lashes if I want a little bit more of an exciting evening look. I have a little hairspray, my bobby pins, a lip gloss because that’s what I like mainly, and of course I have a travel-size foundation, under eye and eye primer. So you can see, I am ready to go from daytime to evening look very easily.

I actually keep a little miniature Sephora brush holder just right on the front. It’s pretty cool. Some people do keep their brushes directly on their Beauty Butler, but I love just having all my brushes together in this brush case.

Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for your interest in Beauty Butler. I hope to hear from you soon. Bye-bye.


#1 Tip for Using Makeup In The Car or On The Go

Beauty Butler helps you apply makeup in the carLike many of you, I am a busy woman, always on the go. Between errands, work, visiting with friends, attending special events for Beauty Butler…you get the point, I feel like I am always running from place to place.

I spend a LOT of time in the car, airport, train and taxi. Given the quick pace of life these days, I am so thankful to be on the move with my Beauty Butler.

Like you, I need to save time where possible and that means using makeup while in transit. Working from a makeup bag, I was always digging to find my cosmetics. Sometimes I would drop my makeup having it roll under a seat, or drop it into a crack where I couldn’t reach it.

It can be worse when using public transport. One time I dropped my eyeliner, and it rolled a couple seats up to where the person was not the most understanding. I was so embarrassed to wake him from his slumber!

This was before I started using Beauty Butler to manage my makeup. Watch this 7 second video that shows me using Beauty Butler for a quick makeup touch up in the car!

We all have been there trying to balance makeup on our laps in the car or the small table on an airplane, always creating a makeshift makeup counter for an on the go touch-up or full on makeup session.

Not anymore. With my trusty Beauty Butler tucked in my purse, I can perform on-the-go touch-ups with ease, and trust that my makeup is organized and ready to use when I pull it out and put it away.

The wonderful Beauty Butler will save you time and help you look your best while on the go. It is the best makeup tip for using your makeup while on the go.

You can get the gift of stress-free beauty starting at $7, but it’s FREE when you don’t drop a piece or two of makeup under a seat never to be seen again. Get yours today at

Want to learn more? Watch this video and see me, the creator of Beauty Butler describe Beauty Butler in detail from my car…while it is moving! Be sure to catch the bloopers at the end :).

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Looking Good At The Beach Has Never Been So Easy

Girl drinking at beach with nice makeup Picture this: a sandy beach, warm breeze, and a tropical drink (complete with a tiny umbrella of course). You sit down in your chair, pull out a book, and spot a group of gorgeous gentlemen heading your way. You think to yourself what a wonderful day this is turning out to be. You reach for your makeup bag for a covert touch-up, but OH NO! In your rush to balance your drink, dig through your cosmetic bag to find the mascara, your favorite lip stick fell off the chair into the sand.

You begin to panic, and curse the stars for your awful luck. Lacking the ego-boost of your touch-up, you tuck your head into your book until they have passed you by. Don’t let this happen to you! Beauty Butler helps make beach beauty a simple and stress-free affair. All too often, your makeup can get lost in your bag, or worse, in the sand. When you use Beauty Butler all your makeup is kept together on a convenient tray that prevents anything from getting lost, misplaced or broken. So, next time you hit the beach, you can be confident that you’ll look your best when you spot a special someone, or when that cutie’s volleyball lands by your towel.

Don’t let YOUR makeup get buried in the sand! Click here to visit our store and get your Beauty Butler today!

Danielle Smith, creator of Beauty Butler uses Beauty Butler everywhere, not just the beach. Click here to see the pictures and you’ll discover the flexibility of Beauty Butler and how it helps you look your best all the time! 

<3 Danielle

Beauty Butler keeps cosmetics together like a makeup case, is more portable than a makeup bag, and keeps all brands, types and shapes of makeup organized, protected and ready to use anywhere.

11 Stressful Makeup Realities You Can Avoid

Gregory Czymbor, co-founder of Beauty Butler, compiled this list of common problems after hearing the same stories repeatedly from many makeup users.

  1.  You are embarrassed of your makeup bag. Let’s face it, when you look inside your bag, it’s a bunch of makeup inside a dirty, dusty, grimy bag. GROSS!
  2. Every time you dig through drawers, bags and purses, makeup tumbles, eventually ruining your makeup. This costs you a lot of money.
  3. Tops loosen and sometimes fall off causing a mess in your purse, drawer or makeup bag! Ruined bag, wasted makeup, total frustration.
  4. Have you heard “out of sight, out of mind?” When you cannot see your makeup, you don’t use it. You forget about your beautiful colors and products and don’t use them.
  5. Dirty Hands – Storing makeup loose causes makeup dust to get everywhere. Reach into your purse and your hands come out dirty, everyone hates that!
  6. Dirty makeup – Makeup doesn’t look as good when it’s grimy and covered in makeup dust.
  7. Misplaced Makeup – have you ever tried finding your makeup in the drawer only to realize it is in your purse? Be honest, it happens more than you care to admit.
  8. Makeup clutter– Piles of makeup look bad in drawers, on vanities, dressers and makeup counters.
  9. Packing is a pain – trying to find your makeup when rushing out the door for the day or for a weeks’ vacation stinks. It’s worse when you leave your favorite powder behind in a hotel room because you didn’t see it was missing.
  10. Leave makeup behind – what happens when you’re going to an important date or meeting and you left your favorite lipstick in the “other” purse?
  11. Finding Your Makeup is difficult, it seems worse when you’re running late, getting ready in your car or wanting that last minute touch up. You waste time digging. – Would you just throw your clean clothes into a big box and dig for them every time you need something, Ummm no! Trying to find anything would be a total waste of time. Do you throw your makeup into a pile inside a bag or drawer then dig for it each time you use it? Think about this, spending 1 minute a day looking for makeup wastes 6 hours per year!

You eliminate these situations when you use Beauty Butler. Watch this video and learn how:

Minimize your makeup stress, revolutionize your beauty routine with Beauty Butler. Prices start at $7, click here: Revolutionize My Beauty Routine

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