Finally, Organized Makeup in the Car!

In this video, I point out how Beauty Butler keeps your makeup organized in the car and really makes it a lot easier to get ready anywhere.

When your makeup is organized and easier to use, it’s a lot more fun getting ready. Even when on the road. I promise!

All the best,
Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:                                     

00:24 Disclaimer don’t use makeup while driving, even when organized on Beauty Butler
00:34 Struggles of using a makeup bag in the car
01:08 Showing multiple Beauty Butler Makeup Organizers in the car
1:25 Demonstrate how to use makeup in the car right from Beauty Butler
1:40 How I avoid accidently forgetting makeup in the car.

Video Transcription:

Don’t just use your makeup in the car [makeup rattling as she digs through bag]

Beauty Butler your makeup in the car

Get ready anywhere, easier.

Hi, today I’m going to talk about having organized makeup in the car. Yes! Your makeup can be organized in the car!

Remember! It’s never safe to put makeup on when you’re driving.

So, I do not miss the days of having a makeup bag in the car, I’m always late, I’m always getting ready last minute so I’m always getting ready on the go and with my makeup bag I used to have to dig through it I used to try to set my makeup out on my lap in the center console, on the arm rest and there just no good space for me to lay my makeup out.

If my husband had to stop fast all of a sudden my makeups all over the car, rolling under the seat. I don’t have that anymore with Beauty Butler.

Beauty Butler is an organizer so it keeps your makeup organized wherever you are.

Of course I have my little Beauty Butler tray and binder here. When I’m getting ready in the car, I’ll use my compact mirror, you can see it works really well, I use my eyeshadows, lipsticks.

I’m not looking for a surface to lay my makeup out and get ready because: Guess What? Beauty Butler is a surface to get ready off of.

And the cool part is [hear makeup coming from tray] if I’m touching up my hairspray and I do set it down into the center console, before I throw this back into my purse, I can tell that something is missing so it encourages me not to leave items behind.

Because I’ll just put them back where they go.

So if you love the idea of having organized makeup in the car that’s easy, easier to use that also encourages you to never leave anything behind, remember my invention: Beauty Butler.

The next time you’re digging through makeup, think of Beauty Butler.

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