How to Organize Eyeshadows into a Custom Palette

In the video is a quick tutorial how to organize eyeshadows into a custom palette without depotting.

Beauty Butler works with most brands shapes and types of cosmetics. Mix and match brands or use all the same size and shape as shown in the video.

Use your favorite items from MAC, Sephora, NYX, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, Loreal, Covergirl and many more.

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When you’re makeup is organized, it’s more fun to use. I promise!

-Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:

00:17 tip for organizing makeup that is dirty or old
00:59 show what a Grab Tab is (Velcro like sticker)
01:19 reapply the label to remember the makeup color
01:44 Show how the eyeshadow palette works

Video Transcription:

Hi Beauties, Danielle here.

Today I’m organizing this awesome makeup haul from Sephora.

I bought twelve eyeshadows the last time I was there and I want to show you how easy it is to organize them onto Beauty Butler.

The first thing I do is if there is a temporary makeup label, I’ll peel that off, otherwise over time my Grab Tab would peel it off. So I’m just going to peel it off ahead of time.

Now this temporary label also has the name of the eyeshadow on it, so I’m going to set that aside.

Now if this was old makeup, I would actually want to clean it using an alcohol wipe to get the dust and oils off of it before I apply a Grab Tab, but because this is brand new, it’s very clean I’m just going to put the grab tab on it.

These are my Grab Tabs, and because I’m organizing the makeup into a palette and I want to use the eyeshadow right from the tray, I’m going to organize, I’m going to place my Grab Tabs, two of them side by side so I have a very nice hold on the eyeshadow and it will stay on the Beauty Butler Tray.

I want to be able to remember the color when I get it again and now I’m placing it back on the back of the eyeshadow and now the eyeshadow is ready to be added to the Beauty Butler.

Now that it is added to the Beauty Butler, you can see it holds all of the eyeshadows nice and secure, protects them because they’re not tumbling around. I don’t have to struggle with depotting an eyeshadow, I can just have my tray ready to go and like I said when getting ready, I’ll just open the eyeshadow and I’ll use it right from the Beauty Butler makeup organizer tray.

I’m basically holding twelve eyeshadows in one hand. You can get Beauty Butler at, Amazon or Open Sky.

Thanks for watching!

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