How to Organize Lip Liners, Eyeliners and other Slender Makeup and Accessories

Lip liners, eye liners and slender accessories like brushes and tweezers are easily organized on Beauty Butler. Just use reusable Grab Wrap. Watch the video for the complete demonstration.

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Video Transcript:

Hi Beauties when you’re organizing small cylindrical items or slender items with the Beauty Butler, the included Grab Tabs aren’t always your best choice.

We actually recommend Grab Wrap.

Grab Wrap is sold separately and it is very easy to use.

What you do is you take your cylindrical item and you take the Grab Wrap soft side in, then you wrap it around the item you want to organize.

Then you grab a pair of scissors and you trim.

Once you do it’s ready to be organized on your Beauty Butler.

Grab Wrap is reusable.

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  1. Danelle Osmond-Reply
    December 11, 2015 at 3:18 am

    I recently purchased the Beauty Butler at a Conference in Seattle! I LOVE IT ! I am still talking about it to all the woman I come in contact with! The young lady who invented this is very very clever! Thanks again…..please let me know if you have a site that delivers easily to Canada……more canadian girls need this product!!
    Mz. Vanity Flaire

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