Organize Lipsticks on Beauty Butler Flirt

In this video you’ll see how I organize lipsticks on the Beauty Butler flirt.

Some things to note: Notice how the lipsticks are arranged along the perimeter of the Beauty Butler so the lipstick can be removed from the cover without removing the entire tube from the Beauty Butler tray.

The Grab Tabs are attached to the lid (or cover) of the lipstick so that the lipstick can be removed from the Beauty Butler without actually removing the lid.

This concept also works well with the larger Diva Beauty Butler. If you have your Diva inside the binder, you can also remove lipsticks without having to open the cover too!

What is the flirt? The flirt sized Beauty Butler is the small size Beauty Butler tray. You can see the different options at our store located here:

Thanks for watching, all the best,

Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:

00:15 Showing how lipsticks are very securely attached to Beauty Butler
00:22 See how easy it is to remove lipsticks from the Beauty Butler tray
00:24 Visual of Grab Tabs (how the makeup sticks to the tray)
00:32 How to open a lipstick without removing the lid from the Beauty Butler
00:45 How easy it is to put makeup back onto the Beauty Butler
01:16 Taking out multiple lipsticks showing the ease of keeping lipstick organized without making it more difficult to access.

Video Transcription:

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to show you how I organized my lipsticks on my Beauty Butler Flirt.

It’s really convenient to hold all my lipsticks on the Flirt.

You can see these are very, very securely organized on there.

And I do it very easily. I take my little Grab Tabs and I put it (them) on the back of the makeup, which would be the lid.

I access the lipstick from the bottom by pulling it out. That way the lid stays in place, I use my lipstick then once I’m done I just slip it back in.

Things like lip glosses I put the little Grab Tab on the back and again I just simply set it down and that will organize the makeup for me.

Really awesome, organize your lipsticks have them accessible from the end and makes lipsticks much easier to manage and see and know what you have. You can glance on the end.

Thanks for watching, have a great day!


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