How to Organize Makeup for Easy Packing for Travel

When you watch this video, see how quickly I sort through a vintage Samsonite makeup case full of makeup to make sure I have everything needed for an 11 day trip. You also see how easy it is to arrange onto my Beauty Butler and pack it all safely in my purse and carry-on suitcase.

I travel every week for business, and usually come home on the weekends. For this video, I was packing for 8 business days and a 3 day bachelorette weekend!

For business trips I pack “business” type makeup, but when out with my girlfriends for a bachelorette party weekend, I need to bring a more fun, glamorous makeup…to up my makeup game.

You will notice the palette and eyeshadows are harder to remove from the Beauty Butlers. I purposely put a large Grab Tab on them for a strong hold because I generally open and use them without removing them from Beauty Butler.

I enjoyed sharing this packing experience with you. Whether you’re packing makeup for a trip across town or around the world, my invention, Beauty Butler can help.

When your makeup is organized it’s easier (and more fun) to use, I promise!

Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:

00:35 Danielle shows her “normal” travel makeup
00:55 Showing empty “Diva” size makeup organizer (6” x 8”) ready to load with weekend bachelorette makeup
01:06 You see how I remove an item from one tray and transfer to another. You will notice the palette and eyeshadows are harder to remove from the Beauty Butlers. I purposely put a large Grab Tab on them for a strong hold because I generally open and use them without removing them from Beauty Butler.
1:56 Notice how when looking for a specific item (my lashes) I can see all the makeup items from the top of the case and am able to quickly locate the lashes I want.
3:17 Last look thought my makeup case to make sure I have everything I want.
3:40 Show how to put Beauty Butler tray into the cover or Beauty Butler Binder (I decorated this with butterflies)
4:09 Show how my daily makeup fits into an evening bag or a clutch for an evening out.
Video Transcription:

Hi have you ever wondered if there is a way to keep your makeup organized even while traveling and living out of a suitcase?

Well my wife Danielle creator and founder of Beauty Butler makeup organizer has discovered the way. What I’m going to do is I’m going to record her packing for her upcoming trip. And you’re going to see exactly how she keeps her makeup organized.

Here we go!

Danielle’s voice
All right so I’m going to be gone for eleven days and I wanted to show how I consolidate my makeup. This is what I’m normally bringing when I go on a business trip.

I’ve got my basic day look and transition to night. Because I’m going to be spending time with girlfriends hanging out getting a little bit more dressed up, I wanted to bring a few more items.

So I have my regular Beauty Butler tray and I’m just going to go through and look at my makeup. This would be a palette that I would be interested in taking with me. So I’m just taking it off that Beauty Butler tray and placing it on this Beauty Butler tray. That’s something I would want off of that.

When I get to my little Macs here I want to bring this brown. I love this brown for eyebrows and then nice white for highlighting my eyes.

Lets see here pretty good on lipsticks for the week, but it would be nice to have an extra lip liner. Let’s see I have lash glue already. Ahh lashes that’s one thing that is fun about going out with the girlfriends, you can definitely do the lashes, oh where are the lashes? There they are, there they are. This is the pair that I want.

Oh, almost forgot the blush no one wants to walk around with a pale friend. Good there. Let’s see some white, I like those eyes to pop and look a lot bigger so white is great for that.

A little black eyeliner in case I want to do a smudgy smoky look. The bride is going to be wearing white, we are all going to be wearing black, so that would probably work well. And should I bring a little glitter? Yes glitter is good especially for a bachelorette weekend.

So yes I got my foundation, got under eye primer, yes all set here. One last look through to see if there is anything else I may want to add.

Yes I probably should do my mist and fix. That way after my makeup is all done I can just mist and fix and be ready for the evening.

So now that my tray is ready. I’m going to grab this binder, this is my old binder. I decorated it myself on the outside using a little stencil. But yep I’m just popping it right in this.

Now I’m going to be ready for a great weekend and ready for my work week.

The cool part about my daily makeup it’s also my touch up makeup. I love it because it works great in an evening bag. So when I’m wearing my little black dress, I’ll just be able to throw that in there my phone ID and viola I’m going to be ready to go out in the evening. With this under my arm I have all of my stuff for my touch up.

So that’s that!

All right so I’m packed for my trip. I’m gonna just slip this right into my purse and put the rest of my makeup into my suitcase. I have my makeup here and I just set it on top of my suitcase and I’m ready to go.

I always carry on my makeup in case my luggage gets lost, at least my face looks good.

All right thanks for watching. The next time you’re packing for a vacation or traveling for work and looking to stay organized with your makeup remember Beauty Butler.

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