How to Connect Hollow Bottom Makeup and Glitter to Beauty Butler

Some makeup and glitter products have a divot in the bottom of them. There are some hacks people use to “fill in” this divot making the Grab Tab effective for attaching items onto Beauty Butler.

Other options not shown in this video:

Put 2 sided carpet tape in the gap, then attach the grab tab to the the carpet tape.

Install the Grab Tab to the lid of the item. This works very well for solid cosmetics. For loose mineral and glitter the material will move to the lid and is not ideal. For these items, I recommend the hot glue gun method shown in this video.

Let me know if you found an effective method for filling the divot.

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Video Highlights:

00:18 Showing the depression found in many mineral and glitter makeup packaging
00:35 Removing the label to insure the glue and Grab Tab stay connected to the container.
00:52 Filling the depression with Hot Glue
01:32 Attaching the Grab Tab
02:05 Organizing makeup onto the Beauty Butler
02:22 Using the mineral makeup palette.
Video Transcription:                        

Hi everyone Danielle here with Beauty Butler. Today I’m going to be organizing some mineral makeup. bareMinerals would be a popular brand, there’s this other great brand out of Phoenix called Dolly Pop.

A lot of mineral cosmetic companies have these pots where there’s a depression in the bottom. This shows an example.

I’ll go through the steps on what I do to organize a mineral makeup pot on Beauty Butler.

The first thing I want to do is get rid of the labels. Then once I have that done I would clean it with alcohol. This one’s already pre-done for us.

So the next step is grabbing your hot glue gun and having it loaded with hot glue.

What I want to do is I want to make this a flat surface.

I’ll basically fill the borders around the edge first moving towards the center and I try to do it in a manner that keeps the glue flat inside of the pot.

I’ll tap it down on my surface to kind of level it out and then once it looks pretty level that’s when I can take my Grab Tab with the glue still warm and just gently put it on top of that hot glue.

Now I’m not pushing down at this point I’m just kind of letting the glue and adhesive on the Grab Tab actually bond with each other.

I will lightly press it down but I will just let it sit and let that hot glue cure which will only take a few moments.

Then once I do, this one’s been resting for a while, I pop it down on my beauty Butler tray. Voila I’ve organized all of these mineral cosmetics.

The awesome thing about using mineral cosmetics with the beauty Butler is our trays are washable. When I’m gonna go use my mineral makeup I like to move that tray back and forth to allow that mineral makeup to settle down into the pot

Then I use my Beauty Butler just like a palette.

Remember the next time you’re digging through your makeup think of Beauty Butler. Thanks for watching!


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