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Say goodbye to digging in dirty, messy, makeup bags

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Go from messy to organized for as little as $10.99!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Beauty Butler?

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  • Q: How does Beauty Butler® work?

    A: Beauty Butler® uses a Patent Pending system that uses a hook and loop fastening system commonly known as Velcro. A user simply attaches adhesive Grab Tabs to her cosmetics and accessories to work with Beauty Butler trays. For more details Click Here for Video

  • Q: Does Beauty Butler® protect my makeup and keep it clean?

    A: Yes, Beauty Butler keeps makeup from tumbling around, making it is less likely to break or cause caps to loosen. You save money because your eye shadows, blushes and compacts don’t crumble. You avoid frustration because your hands (and under your fingernails) stay clean.

  • Q: Sometimes I accidentally forget my lipstick or mascara, can Beauty Butler help?

    A: Yes, when your makeup is neatly stored on a Beauty Butler, you easily see if any makeup is missing before you put Beauty Butler® into your purse for a trip across town, or into a suitcase when traveling. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with never forgetting your favorite lipstick on the bathroom counter when you need it most.

  • Q: How easy is it to remove and replace makeup onto Beauty Butler®?

    A: The strength of the Patent Pending Beauty Butler system is strong enough to keep your makeup organized, but gentle enough for you to easily remove lipsticks, pencils & lip gloss any time.

    NOTE: You don’t need to remove compacts, or eye shadows from Beauty Butler to use them. You leave them attached to the tray and simply open the tops…it is a portable makeup palette that does not require depotting makeup.

  • Q: Will Beauty Butler® work with different makeup brands, types and shapes?

    A: Yes, Beauty Butler® works with most brands, types and shapes to keep your cosmetics clean, organized and more fun to use on easy-to-use portable makeup palettes. Beauty Butler® works with compacts, lipsticks, blush, mascara and many more… This is the unique feature no other makeup organizer can claim.

  • Q: How does Beauty Butler® help keep me organized?

    A: When you store makeup on Beauty Butler®, your cosmetics stay arranged just how you like them because it is easy to remove and replace cosmetics onto the Beauty Butler. Beauty Butler takes up very little space and is portable. Take it with you, or store it in a drawer, case or bag. One thing for certain, you’ll be able to find your makeup quickly!

  • Q: How easy is it to put my makeup on the Beauty Butler® the first time?

    A: It takes only minutes to put your items onto the Beauty Butler® the first time and it is a lot of fun, think “Tetris” for your makeup!  Then you save hours over the lifetime of your Beauty Butler®,   Many Beauty Butler® users have reduced the time to put makeup on in half. If you currently spend 10 minutes applying makeup you can save 30 hours in the first year!

  • Q: How do I clean Beauty Butler®?

    A: Simply wipe down the Beauty Butler® with a damp cloth or hand wash them with dish soap to remove any makeup residue.

  • Q: Is there a cover?

    A: There are options to purchase Beauty Butler Diva trays with or without a cover. A cover is not necessary but is a nice addition for carrying products loose in a purse or luggage, or to add additional protection to your valuable cosmetics. When using Beauty Butler with or without a cover, makeup remains stationary once placed on the tray. This provides a level of protection for your valuable cosmetics that traditional bags and cases cannot offer while allowing you to have your makeup ready to use right away.

  • Q: What if I don’t want to put a Grab Tab on my new makeup?

    A: Thinking the Grab Tab will look unattractive may be a concern, but ends up not being an issue at all. The only time you see the Grab Tab is when you’re using the makeup. It is a much better alternative to the dirty, unorganized mess found in most makeup collections. The Grab Tab is like an insurance policy- keeping cosmetics organized onto the tray.

  • Q: Can I remove the Beauty Butler® Grab Tab from my makeup?

    A: Yes, but you will not be able to re-use the Grab Tab. You receive plenty of extra Grab Tabs with purchase.

  • Q: Where is Beauty Butler available?

    Beauty Butler is available online at various stores and at We are working hard to get Beauty Butler into a store near you.

  • Q: How can I contact you?

    A: View our contact info by clicking this link:

  • Q: I want to sell these at my store, do you sell wholesale?

    A: Yes, you can inquire by clicking this link:

  • Q: Do you offer an affiliate program?

    A: Yes, you can sign up by clicking this link:

  • Q: Does Beauty Butler have the only Velcro Makeup Organizer?

    A:  We are the only commercially available “Hook and Loop” makeup storage system that keeps makeup organized on portable makeup palettes. Velcro is a brand of Hook and Loop. Many people think that hook and loop fasteners are called Velcro, and this can be confusing.


For as little as $10.99 you spend less time digging to find makeup and more time using it.


Easily add or remove makeup from Beauty Butler trays, or create custom makeup palettes to use makeup right from Beauty Butler.

Works With Your Makeup

Works most types, shapes & brands of cosmetics.


Use alone, organize your current makeup bags, drawers & cases, or use with various storage containers from your favorite department store.


Beauty Butler takes up little space, is lightweight & easily moves from your makeup drawer to your purse to your luggage.


Lasts for years, made from lightweight plastic and industrial hook and loop.

Available in 2 Colors

Order in Empowered Pink or Jet Set Black. Make your selection at checkout.

Easy Clean Up

Beauty Butler is washable, use a damp rag to clean any makeup residue from the Beauty Butler.

2 Sizes:
Are you a Flirt, Diva or Both?

Flirt: 4″ x 6″ Perfect for your clutch, small products and touch up makeup.
Diva: 6″ x 8″ Perfect for larger amounts of makeup and accessories. Works well in larger handbags.

Digging Like a Dog Through Your Messy Makeup Bag?
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