Save Time with the Ultimate All in One Makeup Palette

The Gurus say get an All in One Palette to save time. Now you can create the Ultimate palette with your favorite products and accessories using Beauty Butler.

In this video you see how Beauty Butler allows you to create your own all in one makeup palette by mixing and matching YOUR favorite makeup brands and accessories. You no longer need to rely on the basic all in one products available.

Now you can save time when getting ready at home and on the go with your favorite makeup organized into custom makeup palettes.

Beauty Butler makeup organizers are available in 2 sizes, and each are shown in the video. The small Beauty Butler is the Flirt, the larger is the Diva.

If you use too many products to fit on one Beauty Butler, don’t worry, use multiples and store them in a makeup bag, drawer a vintage Samsonite Makeup case or DVD case. (Mine is pink and shown on the right side of the video). You can still use multiple Beauty Butler palettes on your lap, or set them out quickly when getting ready.

Many people ask why we don’t make a “Jumbo” Beauty Butler, and the answer is simple, how would you store it, or carry it around?

If you enjoyed the video, let me know by writing a comment. Once you experience organized makeup, you’ll never return to makeup that is stored loose in a makeup bag, drawer or case, and you’ll have more fun using makeup rather than digging to find it!

All the best,

Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

00:48 Showing Beauty Butler Diva (6” x 8”) and handling to show organized makeup stays attached
00:54 Review of items on this sample all in one palette
01:03 Danielle removes the mascara from the Beauty Butler, shows how Beauty Butler works and reattaches the item
1:36 Danielle shows the Flirt Beauty Butler (4” x 6”) Beauty Butler
1:58 Flirt put into a clutch for a night out showing how everything stays organized and attached

Video Transcription:

Hi, Danielle here creator of the Beauty Butler makeup organizer.

Today I’m going to talk about how Beauty Butler helps you save time by allowing you to create custom all in one palettes.

A lot of the beauty gurus out there on the internet suggest using an all in one palette to save time and Beauty Butler is the ultimate all in one palette.

When I was searching for an all in one palette, I couldn’t find one that met my needs the awesome part about Beauty Butler is it works with most brands shapes or types of makeup and it allows you to create your custom perfect all in one palette.

This is the Beauty Butler and this is an all in one palette I created. There’s of course some eyeshadows, foundation, undereye, all that is organized very easily on the Beauty Butler.

It’s very easy to do what you do is you put a little Grab Tab on the back of your cosmetics and once you do it allows everything to be secure, to be organized to save time because you’re not digging through your makeup.

The Beauty Butler is the ultimate all in one palette because it allows you to go from Mac, Sephora, NYX, Maybelline on. It organizes most brands shapes types or sizes of makeup.

The other size Beauty Butler that we have is our Flirt. The Flirt is great for that to go makeup that very simple look.

You can see here this is my flirt I just have a foundation, a lip gloss, a lip liner and my favorite, mascara.

What I like to show people is just how easily this fits inside a clutch so whether I am going to the opera or out for a nice evening a date with my husband, it fits very easily in the clutch.

And my makeup will always look flawless.

When your makeup is organized it’s more fun to use I promise!

Beautiful makeup starts with Beauty Butler.

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