Makeup Organization on Custom Makeup Palettes Saves Time

Traditionally we store makeup loose in drawers, makeup bags and cases, only to have to dig to find our favorite items. Building custom makeup palettes saves a ton of time sorting and digging to find makeup.

In this video I talk using Beauty Butler to save time when you can’t condense down to a single all in one palette for daily makeup use.

Beauty Butlers file nicely in vintage train cases and the cloth DVD cases. They also store nicely inside makeup bags (which we sell on our website with some of our packages), drawers and on shelves.

I HATED digging to find makeup, now that my makeup is organized on Beauty Butlers, it’s a lot more fun to use.

Here’s a thought, one minute of sorting through and searching for makeup once a day works out to 6 hours per year of digging!

Do you hate digging? I did!

All the best,

Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:

01:03 Tilting the Vintage Makeup Case showing how my makeup is organized
01:08 I flip through the makeup showing how easy it is to see what is on the different palettes
01:42 Showing DVD case to file makeup
01:50 You see the 2 different colors of Beauty Butlers (Pink and Black)
02:05 Showing the Flirt size Beauty Butler (4” x 6”)
02:07 Showing Diva Size Beauty Butler (6” x 8”)
Video Transcription:

Don’t just use makeup we’ve all been there!

Beauty Butler your makeup.

Beautiful makeup starts here.

Hi, Danielle here, creator of the Beauty Butler Makeup Organizer. Thanks for tuning in today. What I’m going to go over today is the time savings when using Beauty Butler. If you’re not digging and everything is organized, we all know that that saves time.

A lot of the beauty Gurus out there on the internet suggest using an all in one palette to save time. And all in one palettes just don’t work for everyone. Not everyone is able to simplify their beauty routine enough to get down to just a small amount of makeup.

Beauty Butler is actually perfect for women that love their makeup, have a makeup collection, love to wear all their colors all of the time.

You can see here I have my vintage train case. I have eyeshadow palettes, I have lashes, I have lip sticks, I have all of my nice lip glosses, another palette of eye shadows, pigments, so what ever you want to organize on the Beauty Butler it will create these nice palettes that are easy to organize.

Now I prefer my vintage train case but for a more modern lady there’s also cases like this that you can pick up at Target and at the Container Store.

This is a great way to store your Beauty Butlers as well if you have a lot of makeup. It stores both the Flirt size and the Diva size. You can see all of this makeup all organized very easily.

I know if I’m looking for a particular eyeliner color I just grab my tray of eyeliners. If I want a particular eyeshadow, or lip stick, it’s really a great way to keep all of your makeup easily organized in a small amount of space.

This goes really nicely in a drawer or underneath the sink.

The next time you are digging through your makeup or going through your makeup collection, remember you can save time by simplifying and going to an all in one palette. Think about Beauty Butler for your organization.

Thanks for watching.

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