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Organize Lipsticks on Beauty Butler Flirt

In this video you’ll see how I organize lipsticks on the Beauty Butler flirt.

Some things to note: Notice how the lipsticks are arranged along the perimeter of the Beauty Butler so the lipstick can be removed from the cover without removing the entire tube from the Beauty Butler tray.

The Grab Tabs are attached to the lid (or cover) of the lipstick so that the lipstick can be removed from the Beauty Butler without actually removing the lid.

This concept also works well with the larger Diva Beauty Butler. If you have your Diva inside the binder, you can also remove lipsticks without having to open the cover too!

What is the flirt? The flirt sized Beauty Butler is the small size Beauty Butler tray. You can see the different options at our store located here: http://www.getbeautybutler.com/shop/

Thanks for watching, all the best,

Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:

00:15 Showing how lipsticks are very securely attached to Beauty Butler
00:22 See how easy it is to remove lipsticks from the Beauty Butler tray
00:24 Visual of Grab Tabs (how the makeup sticks to the tray)
00:32 How to open a lipstick without removing the lid from the Beauty Butler
00:45 How easy it is to put makeup back onto the Beauty Butler
01:16 Taking out multiple lipsticks showing the ease of keeping lipstick organized without making it more difficult to access.

Video Transcription:

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to show you how I organized my lipsticks on my Beauty Butler Flirt.

It’s really convenient to hold all my lipsticks on the Flirt.

You can see these are very, very securely organized on there.

And I do it very easily. I take my little Grab Tabs and I put it (them) on the back of the makeup, which would be the lid.

I access the lipstick from the bottom by pulling it out. That way the lid stays in place, I use my lipstick then once I’m done I just slip it back in.

Things like lip glosses I put the little Grab Tab on the back and again I just simply set it down and that will organize the makeup for me.

Really awesome, organize your lipsticks have them accessible from the end and makes lipsticks much easier to manage and see and know what you have. You can glance on the end.

Thanks for watching, have a great day!


Makeup Organization on Custom Makeup Palettes Saves Time

Traditionally we store makeup loose in drawers, makeup bags and cases, only to have to dig to find our favorite items. Building custom makeup palettes saves a ton of time sorting and digging to find makeup.

In this video I talk using Beauty Butler to save time when you can’t condense down to a single all in one palette for daily makeup use.

Beauty Butlers file nicely in vintage train cases and the cloth DVD cases. They also store nicely inside makeup bags (which we sell on our website with some of our packages), drawers and on shelves.

I HATED digging to find makeup, now that my makeup is organized on Beauty Butlers, it’s a lot more fun to use.

Here’s a thought, one minute of sorting through and searching for makeup once a day works out to 6 hours per year of digging!

Do you hate digging? I did!

All the best,

Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:

01:03 Tilting the Vintage Makeup Case showing how my makeup is organized
01:08 I flip through the makeup showing how easy it is to see what is on the different palettes
01:42 Showing DVD case to file makeup
01:50 You see the 2 different colors of Beauty Butlers (Pink and Black)
02:05 Showing the Flirt size Beauty Butler (4” x 6”)
02:07 Showing Diva Size Beauty Butler (6” x 8”)
Video Transcription:

Don’t just use makeup we’ve all been there!

Beauty Butler your makeup.

Beautiful makeup starts here.

Hi, Danielle here, creator of the Beauty Butler Makeup Organizer. Thanks for tuning in today. What I’m going to go over today is the time savings when using Beauty Butler. If you’re not digging and everything is organized, we all know that that saves time.

A lot of the beauty Gurus out there on the internet suggest using an all in one palette to save time. And all in one palettes just don’t work for everyone. Not everyone is able to simplify their beauty routine enough to get down to just a small amount of makeup.

Beauty Butler is actually perfect for women that love their makeup, have a makeup collection, love to wear all their colors all of the time.

You can see here I have my vintage train case. I have eyeshadow palettes, I have lashes, I have lip sticks, I have all of my nice lip glosses, another palette of eye shadows, pigments, so what ever you want to organize on the Beauty Butler it will create these nice palettes that are easy to organize.

Now I prefer my vintage train case but for a more modern lady there’s also cases like this that you can pick up at Target and at the Container Store.

This is a great way to store your Beauty Butlers as well if you have a lot of makeup. It stores both the Flirt size and the Diva size. You can see all of this makeup all organized very easily.

I know if I’m looking for a particular eyeliner color I just grab my tray of eyeliners. If I want a particular eyeshadow, or lip stick, it’s really a great way to keep all of your makeup easily organized in a small amount of space.

This goes really nicely in a drawer or underneath the sink.

The next time you are digging through your makeup or going through your makeup collection, remember you can save time by simplifying and going to an all in one palette. Think about Beauty Butler for your organization.

Thanks for watching.

Finally, Organized Makeup in the Car!

In this video, I point out how Beauty Butler keeps your makeup organized in the car and really makes it a lot easier to get ready anywhere.

When your makeup is organized and easier to use, it’s a lot more fun getting ready. Even when on the road. I promise!

All the best,
Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:                                     

00:24 Disclaimer don’t use makeup while driving, even when organized on Beauty Butler
00:34 Struggles of using a makeup bag in the car
01:08 Showing multiple Beauty Butler Makeup Organizers in the car
1:25 Demonstrate how to use makeup in the car right from Beauty Butler
1:40 How I avoid accidently forgetting makeup in the car.

Video Transcription:

Don’t just use your makeup in the car [makeup rattling as she digs through bag]

Beauty Butler your makeup in the car

Get ready anywhere, easier.

Hi, today I’m going to talk about having organized makeup in the car. Yes! Your makeup can be organized in the car!

Remember! It’s never safe to put makeup on when you’re driving.

So, I do not miss the days of having a makeup bag in the car, I’m always late, I’m always getting ready last minute so I’m always getting ready on the go and with my makeup bag I used to have to dig through it I used to try to set my makeup out on my lap in the center console, on the arm rest and there just no good space for me to lay my makeup out.

If my husband had to stop fast all of a sudden my makeups all over the car, rolling under the seat. I don’t have that anymore with Beauty Butler.

Beauty Butler is an organizer so it keeps your makeup organized wherever you are.

Of course I have my little Beauty Butler tray and binder here. When I’m getting ready in the car, I’ll use my compact mirror, you can see it works really well, I use my eyeshadows, lipsticks.

I’m not looking for a surface to lay my makeup out and get ready because: Guess What? Beauty Butler is a surface to get ready off of.

And the cool part is [hear makeup coming from tray] if I’m touching up my hairspray and I do set it down into the center console, before I throw this back into my purse, I can tell that something is missing so it encourages me not to leave items behind.

Because I’ll just put them back where they go.

So if you love the idea of having organized makeup in the car that’s easy, easier to use that also encourages you to never leave anything behind, remember my invention: Beauty Butler.

The next time you’re digging through makeup, think of Beauty Butler.

Touch-up & Travel Makeup Organized for Easy Access

In this video I talk about how my daily use travel and touch up cosmetics stay organized using Beauty Butler. I am a full time traveler, so I use many travel size items.

There are 2 Beauty Butler makeup organizers shown in the video. The small one is the Flirt, the larger is the Diva. The cover you see is only sold with the Diva.

I have a lot more makeup that I show in other videos. I store my less frequently used makeup in a vintage makeup case on Diva and Flirt makeup organizers which you will see in other posts.

Note: I silk screened butterflies on the Beauty Butler Traveler/Binder cover. Beauty Butlers are not available with this pattern, but you can customize yours too, it’s a lot of fun!

You can learn more by clicking here: http://www.getbeautybutler.com

All the best,

Danielle, Creator and founder of Beauty Butler

Video Highlights:

00:17 The last time I had to dig for through a makeup bag (before I had organized cosmetics)
00:36 Showing “Flirt” size makeup organizer (4” x 6”)
01:10 Removing lip gloss from the tray
1:20 Demonstrate how securely makeup stays on Beauty Butler, even loose in a purse
1:38 Showing Beauty Butler Binder (cover for Diva size makeup organizer).
2:57 Sephora Brush set connected to Beauty Butler Binder

Video Transcription:

Hi, Danielle here. Thanks for tuning in today. Today I’m going to talk about my invention, Beauty Butler.

Let me just tell you what a lifesaver, life changing thing it has been for me. I can’t tell you the last time I had to dig through a makeup bag, had to deal with losing makeup, or leaving makeup behind.

The Beauty Butler makeup organizer is a system that just makes it easy to take care of your makeup.

Right here I have a Flirt size tray. I love the Flirt size tray because this holds my daily makeup.

And I’m really, during the week, I’m a very simple makeup user. I’m a powder, foundation, a lip gloss, a lip liner. I have my mascara and an eyebrow pencil if I feel like I want a little bit more zing to my makeup routine.

This is my basic and it’s really, really cool because I can use my makeup just right from the tray. When I’m going to put some foundation on, I just open it up right from the makeup organizer, I use it, I close it.

I can grab my little lippy and put my lip gloss on. It holds everything very securely and it stays organized.

The cool part about it is when I’m ready to head out the door, I just throw it in my bag and I never have to dig for it. I just grab it and go.

The other thing I wanted to show you guys today is my Beauty Butler in binder. I love this for travel makeup. I travel full time, and although I don’t wear a lot of makeup during the week, when I am trying to get a little more dressed up for the weekend, I prefer wearing a little heavier makeup.

On my little travel makeup organizer, one thing that’s key is that I use a lot of travel-size cosmetics, and that’s so it all fits very easily, very compactly.

I have this great makeup palette by Too Faced. All sorts of colors. I can do really sexy cat eyes, smoky eye. It’s a great little palette.

I also have an eyeliner. I have two different shades of lipstick. I have a lip pencil. I even have lashes if I want a little bit more of an exciting evening look. I have a little hairspray, my bobby pins, a lip gloss because that’s what I like mainly, and of course I have a travel-size foundation, under eye and eye primer. So you can see, I am ready to go from daytime to evening look very easily.

I actually keep a little miniature Sephora brush holder just right on the front. It’s pretty cool. Some people do keep their brushes directly on their Beauty Butler, but I love just having all my brushes together in this brush case.

Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for your interest in Beauty Butler. I hope to hear from you soon. Bye-bye.


The Beauty Butler – Better Than Botox!

I love makeup. There, I said it. I love makeup. I love to use it, shop for it, buy it for others, and play with new looks and styles. I like to look my best at all times, and where some people turn to plastic surgery and Botox to look their best, I would much rather count on the playful, versatile looks that my makeup can provide.

The only problem with makeup is that it is hard to keep together, organized and easy to use. Nobody likes digging for makeup and the stress it causes, stress causes lines and lines require Botox!

Enter your knight in shining armor: the Beauty Butler. The Beauty Butler allows makeup lovers like me to keep their makeup organized and easily accessible at all times. You simply place your makeup onto the tray, and voila! You’re ready to apply makeup, anywhere.

Watch this 7 second video and see for yourself:

The Beauty Butler helps women carry their makeup in their purse on a compact, secure, organized tray, while other makeup is neatly stored on trays at home.

Shine on beauties, using clean, organized makeup is more fun and less stressful with Beauty Butler. Forget about the stress, forget about the digging, forget about Botox!

With my love of makeup, I couldn’t imagine my life without a Beauty Butler.

Feel and look your best knowing your cosmetics are organized and ready to use, rather than thrown in a makeup case or cosmetic bag tumbling and crumbling.  Beauty Butler is your makeup manager.  Get yours today by clicking here.