Surprise Airport Makeup Inspection

What would you do if your husband did this?

Husband surprises wife (that’s me), asks to see makeup inside handbag after a week away.

At the time I was very frustrated, not realizing what he was doing.

After watching the video, I think it is cute.

He says he had a struggle ambushing me at the airport to make this video. He assures me that making me uncomfortable is not easy…but sometimes I wonder.

After you watch the video you understand why he couldn’t warn me.

This is my real life, my makeup and how I keep my makeup organized.

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All the best,
Danielle, creator and founder of Beauty Butler

PS: The next time you’re digging through makeup, remember this video and know that digging doesn’t have to be your thing.

Video Highlights:

00:18 Greg ambushing Danielle to show her makeup
00:34 Showing her makeup organized on her “Diva” size makeup organizer and binder (6” x 8”)
00:55 Showing her touchup makeup organized on her “Flirt” size makeup organizer (4” x 6”)

Video Transcription:

I’m picking Danielle up from the airport and what I’m going to do is I’m going to surprise her and ask her to show me her makeup while she exits the airport.

You all will get to see how she keeps her makeup organized. here we go!

[traffic noise] Okay! Hi! B B [girl talking] before you uh before you do anything I need to see your makeup.

Girl says why?

Because I just need to see it.

She has a lot of stuff in her purse.

All right, here we go!

All right, boom! There we go all her makeup always the same all the time.

Do you have your flirt in there too?

Girl answers agitated- somewhere [man laughing]

Can you show it?

Girl asks: who are we showing this to?

Ah, there it is! Oh my gosh! Look at that!

So I get her picked up and she is saying you could have warned me! That would defeat the purpose of the video. Anyways, at least she didn’t let us down, her makeup was on pointe.

Girl says: you are so annoying right now! [man giggles]

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